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Welcome to Sci's Reptiles.

I'm a hobbyist reptile keeper and breeder based in Belfast N. Ireland. Over the past nearly 10 years of keeping we have collectively achieved a lot,we have bred a lot of the first corn-snake morphs in Ireland, ultra and many lavender morph firsts, first albino house snake on the island and we bred the first ever royal python morph in Ireland!! Pastel and pastel stripe back in 2008. At the moment I breed cornsnakes ,house snakes ,leopards geckos, pure corn island boa constrictors, many rats snakes and bearded dragon morphs. I'm based Belfast but we can delivery all over Ireland, some of the UK mainland delivery else where can be arranged. I also attend some of the UK and German reptile shows or have friends there ,delivery to these shows can be arranged to.

If you would like to contact us with regards to homing one of our reptiles or would like to get on to one of our waiting list please don't hesitate to contact us, it's best to do this on face book or email me but by joining our facebook page you will can the best deals and be the first to hear news. 

We also have a mailing list,this is a very good opportunity for someone to be one of the first to know what we have produced.  

Looking a pet Lizard or Snake? Look no further...
Not only do we breed snakes but we also now breed lizards and to all peoples needs and pockets!
 With a great aftercare you can count on us anytime to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your new animal or a animal you are thinking or getting.
As part of my service to you as a hobbyist breeder I can get equipment required to keep for new pet through various contacts, I'll supply at my own costs and if I can't, I'll get you in touch with one of our trusted suppliers. 
So if you have any questions please get in touch and hopefully we can help you as well. Why not join us on facebook??

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